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FAT WATER - FAT WATER - 1969 (US) heavy psych

Fat Water probably hail from the west coast of America and fit very nicely into the dual male/female lead vocals of the late '60s and early '70s. The vocals are very much of the west coast San Francisco scene of that time and bring the Airplane's Grace Slick immediately to mind. Musically, the vocals are matched with acoustic guitars and swirling organ which gives a country rock feel that flows easily from full tilt boogie to slow blues."

BORIS ?? bs, vcls
EVE ?? keyb'ds A
LANCE ?? gtr, vcls
PETE ?? drms, vcls
VICKI ?? vcls

I can be happy
Amalynda Guinevere
Gimme your sweet
Guitar store song
Only for the moment
It' s not the same
Waiting for Mary
Mistress de charmaign
Santa anna speed queen
Gotta get together

From Chicago, a mix of psych and heavy rock, with good organ and guitars plus the powerful voice of their singer, who was probably influenced by Grace Slick.

Highly recommended!!!
Rip from vinyl 256@ (full artwork included)
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