среда, 25 июля 2007 г.

IRON CLAW – DISMORPHOPHOBIA – 1970-1974 (UK) hard rock

Jimmy Ronnie (guitars), Wullie Davidson (lead vocals, flute, harmonica), Alex Wilson (bass), Billy Lyall (mellotron, piano, saxophone, percussion), Ian McDougall (drums, percussion)
1 Claustrophobia 5:05
2 Let It Grow 2:42
3 Gonna Be Free 3:37
4 Lightning 3:35
5 Pavement Artist 5:16
6 Loving You 2:34
7 All I Really Need 3:13
8 Take Me Back 5:06
9 Knock 'Em Dead 2:51
10 Winter 6:00
11 Strait-Jacket 4:52
12 Rock Band Blues 4:08
13 Real Mean Rocker 3:17
14 Spider's Web 3:11

Strange compilation. The style of the music is late 70's hardrock from England as say White boy and Average rat band BUT the sound is more early 70's kinda like Blue Cheer meets el cheapo 70's Fuzz pedal that gives that BIG dynamic near reverb like sound, confusing? I thought for long this was a rip off recording done in the late 70's by a band that wants to be early 70's hardrock band!

Highly recommended!
Rip from CD 256@ (full artwork included)
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Анонимный комментирует...

Fantastic, sublime band. Congratulations for your excellent blog, and keep on Rockin'.
Hoower, from Brazil

Анонимный комментирует...

Monster Hardrock from Scotland that pulverizes everything in it's way!


Έσάρ Σέβεντιουάν комментирует...

Really hard stuff. You are the man! Keep please us with ur treasures!