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RED DIRT – RED DIRT – 1970 (UK) hard rock

STEVE HOWDEN lead gtr, piano, lead vcls, bs
DAVE RICHARDSON steel gtr, piano, organ, hrmnca, ld vcls

Death Letter
Song for Pauline
Ten Seconds to Go
In the Morning
Maybe I'm Right
Summer Madness Laced with Newbald Gold
Death of a Dream
Gimme A Shot
Brain Worker
I've Been Down So Long
Mixed Blessing*
Wilting Tree*
Three Fair Maidens*
Back Alley Sally*

Reissue of rare 1970 UK heavy fuzzed blues rock album plus 4 rare bonus tracks
A blues-rock band whose album is now an ultra-rarity. There's also been a limited edition (300 copies) release of live material, Diamonds In The Dirt, by the band. Produced by Geoff Gill, the Red Dirt album mostly comprises heavy blues-rock tracks, which are unlikely to have much appeal beyond fans of this genre. The only variation to this format comes with the opening cut Memories, the melodic Song For Pauline, the country-influenced Death Of A Dream and the final cut I've Been Down So Long, but unless you're heavily into blues-rock don't spend a small fortune on this album.

Highly recommended!
Rip from CD 256@ (full artwork included)

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Harry комментирует...

Hi orexis of death ! Not possible to download these 2 files. Would you be so kind to correct anyhting to provide smooth download possibility please ? regard Harry

Harry комментирует...


These files do not seem to download at all. Please help me out Orexis Of Death, regards Harry

rum комментирует...

COULD YOU PLEASE REUPLOAD THE ALBUM IN 192 Kbs??? SINCE 256 or 320kbs IS TOO MUCH for my internet-traffic is too expensive in Russia!! Thanks for your interesting blog!!!


A word about bitrates: this issue is totally out of bound in my opinion. Most people are doing 320 kbs now, which isn
't really necessary and simply blows up the amount of data. In reality it?s the quality of the source material and the quality of the encoding program which makes for the quality of the mp3. I have a lot of rips in 128 kbs, which I keep that way because they are absolutely sufficient. Usually I do 192 kbs, because there is a slight, but listenable improvement in quiet passages. Everything above that isn't useful. We did tests with very (very!) good equipment. Ordinary people couldn't even tell, which one was the mp3 with 128, and which one was the CD. Trained people can do that, but they couldn't with mp3s in 192 kbs versus 320 kbs. Very few could tell the difference between the two in a direct source a/source b test. The issue is getting religious, as is the discussion vinyl versus CD.
SO uploading albums in blogs in 256 or 320 kbs is ABSOLUTELY USELESS! 192 is enough!