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BODKIN – BODKIN – 1972 (UK) heavy progressive/hard rock

Bodkin were a heavy prog band from Scotland who recorded this massive sound in one take live.foremost up front his the huge Hammond organ sound of Doug Rome which is easy as good as the likes of Deep Purple or Atomic Roster etc,last heard of Doug was a miner in South Africa.Anyhow give it a listen,it will crush you against the wall untill it is all over!
This privately-pressed early seventies collectable now changes hands for substantive sums. The band were Scottish and the album consists of five extended tracks of superb heavy organs and guitar work. Originally issued in a plain white sleeve, unsold copies were according to 'Record Collector' acquired by a German dealer a few years back who designed a new sleeve to enhance the album's appeal. Recommended.

Bill Anderson-Bass
Zeik Hume-Vocals
Mick Riddel-guitar
Doug Rome-Hammond organ
Dick Sneddon-drums
1. Three Days After Death Pt. 1
2. Three Days After Death Pt. 2
3. Aunty Mary's Trashcan
4. Aftur Your Lumber
5. Plastic Man

Not a great album but does contain some pretty good musicianship. Pretty difficult album to categorize even though the musical arrangements are the same as Deep Purple or Uriah Heep. They sound different than these bands though a jammier, less 'eavy verison of "Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble" might be a good comparison. Jody Grind's "Far Canal" is another album that comes to mind because they both have very extensive keyboard, guitar jams that dont quite hit the heaviness as Purple, Heep Sabbath. However, the last track, "Plastic Man," hits pretty hard and could fit in these guys easily.

Highly recommended!
Rip from CD 256@ (full artwork included)
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