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ROAD – ROAD – 1972 (US) hard rock

Road was sort of a B-list supergroup, pairing Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience) with guitarist Rod Richards (formerly of Rare Earth) and drummer Leslie Sampson. The group's self-titled album ends up being little more than warmed-up post-Hendrix hard rock, heavy on the wah pedal. Richards actually turns in some fine, if not particularly original, performances on guitar, and Redding proves he couldn't write good songs if his career depended on it (clearly "She's So Fine" and "Little Miss Strange" were his high points). In true '70s hard rock form, the album drags a bit on side two during the obligatory drum solo on "Friends" and especially during Redding's ham-fisted bass "solo" on the unnecessarily epic "Road." Almost redeemed by Richards' guitar work, check this out only if you have a serious jones for '70s hard rock and/or wah-wah excess.
1 I'm Trying 6:28
2 I'm Going Down to the Country 2:39
3 Mushroom Man 4:12
4 Man Dressed in Red 7:13
5 Space Ship Earth 3:08
6 Friends 6:50
7 Road 9:37

This album takes you on an unforgettable adventure through forgivable hippie country on a sabbathy deathcamp freight train. A gem among wah-wah wizardry.

Highly recommended!
Rip from CD 256@ (full artwork included)
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