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JACULA – IN CAUDA SEMPER STAT VENENUM – 1969 (IT) occult progressive rock

In 1969 Mr Antonio Bertoccetti (Antonius Rex) decides to tranfert itself in London where the musical ideas were feer and decides finally of to record this masterpiece of the Black Prog. The album was printed in 300 copies+ 10 promo and distributed to nun sects! Substantially it is an album for church organ and electric guitar with recited vocal parts.
That fear, that suggestions... all the songs put fear but "Magister Dixit", "Triumphatus Sad", "Intiatjo" and "In Cauda Semper" have an evocative power than hasn't equal. Hypnotic, darknesses, not songs... Go listened to night, to the light of the full Moon, in a castle (or church or abbey) in ruin. After not say me that the mental hospital is yours house!

Antonio Bartoccetti (guitar, bass, vocal)
Doris Norton (drums)
Charles Tiring (church organ, harpsicord, Moog synthesizer, vocal)
Franz Partheny (medium)
Fiamma Dallo Spirito (vocal, violin, flute)
1. Ajtus (4:06)
2. Magister Dixit (10:30)
3. Triumphatus Sad (3:35)
4. Veneficium (2:21)
5. Initiatjo (6:49)
6. In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum (10:05)

This record was actually made in 1969 but it was released on cd as late as 2001. The atmosphere on record is sinister and haunting. Guitar is quite Iommi-style, organ is recorded at an old monastery and the drum set is as large as one bass drum. There is also a prototype synth built by Robert Moog. Human voices on the record consist of female humming and male chants in Italian and Latin.

This album was recorded in London in 1969, pressed in 333 copies and only sent to different religious sects!!!
Rip from CD 256@ (artwork included)
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We share similar tastes in music. I've been hunting for this record, not to mention the CD version. Thanks for posting this in high quality. Do you, by any chance have Antonius Rex other body of work?