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JO JO GUNNE - SO...WHERE'S THE SHOW? – 1974 (US) hard rock

After the erratic and self-consciously weird Jumpin' the Gunne, this album is a return to form. More than that, actually — the replacement of founding guitarist Matt Andes with John Stahely resulted in a tighter, more focused, and generally more interesting band than ever before. Jo Jo Gunne was originally formed to be, in Jay Ferguson's phrase, "a hard-ass rock band," and on So...Where's the Show they finally were one. Ferguson responded to the harder edge by abandoning the synthesizer in favor of a jazzy piano sound, an inspired move under the circumstances. The combination enlivens even the dud songs; "I'm Your Shoe" starts as a pedestrian slow-grind, but has an incredible instrumental break in which the whole band rocks hard and fast, then drops out suddenly to let Ferguson take a wonderful and delicate piano solo. The element of surprise gets you the first time, the brilliant playing every time afterward. When the band actually takes on a song with a half-decent hook all the way through, the results are splendid. The title cut, "She Said Allright," and "Falling Angel" are all winners, and there isn't a single track that is actually a dud. If it was inevitable that Jo Jo Gunne was going to break up, at least they left one consistently good album behind.

Jay Ferguson (vocals, keyboards)
Curly Smith (drums)
Jimmy Randall (vocals, bass)
John Staehely (vocals, guitar)
1 Where Is the Show? Ferguson 3:50
2 I'm Your Shoe Ferguson 4:16
3 Single Man Ferguson 4:28
4 She Said Allright Ferguson 4:40
5 S&M Blvd. Ferguson 3:54
6 Falling Angel Ferguson 3:26
7 Big, Busted Bombshell from Bermuda Ferguson 2:51
8 Into My Life Ferguson 3:18
9 Around the World Ferguson 4:00

This group has never put out an album, or song, that I didn't like. An excellent group of musicians who have become the "heart" of other bands.

Rip from CD 256@ (artwork included)
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First time I listen to this band. Great hard rock, musicianship and vocals. Thanks for the posting!!