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Quicksand – Home Is Where I Belong – 1973 (UK) progressive rock

Pretty solid rock with occasional prog and West Coast influences. The guitar work is pretty solid and the use of organ/piano adds to it. Songs vary from slightly harder rock to almost folk. "Empty Street, Empty Heart" has a country feel to it with both acoustic and electric guitar with the occasional faint organ. "Hiding It All" is a darker, slower piece of psych. "Overcome the Pattern Flying" is another solid track. "Seasons Alpha Omega" has some very Emerson-like keyboard work.

Robert Collins (keyboards, vocals)
Jimmy Davies (guitar, vocals)
Phil Davies (bass, vocals)
Anthony Stone (drums, vocals)

1. Hideaway My Song (3:11) 
2. Sunlight Brings Shadows (4:22) 
3. Empty Street Empty Heart (3:44) 
4. Overcome The Pattern (8:16) 
5. Time To Live (3:30) 
6. Home Is Where I Belong (4:58) 
7. Seasons - Alpha Omega (8:23) 
8. Hiding It All (4:13)

Rip from CD 256@ (artwork included)
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